The greater majority of Blender users focus on the modeling and animation aspects of Blender. And with god reason. Blender has steadily grown and improved its toolset over the years, giving both hobbyists and profesionals alike a powerful 3d programa, not surprisingly, Blender growth has a los drawn a new user base from the scientific community. This year alone the annual Blender conference saw a number of exciting/educational presentations. Several factors make Blender ideal for scientific projects, as much as we would all like todo pretend otherwise, cost is a factor. Since Blender is free, precious research funds can remain focused on the research itself, Blender provides an excellent tool set for producing Simulations, visualizations and walkthroughs, as well as educational videos based on the various research projects, the open nature of Blender, as well as the ease of creating Python add-ons allows for complete customization of Blender todo the neds of the Project (e. Bio-blender), community support is a huge draw for Many new users, and in my opinión, one of the greatest advantages todo chosing Blender. The Blender community has always excelled at helping new and existing users solver prob-lems, fast development a los makes Blender an attractive option. It is not an uncommon occur-rence todo notice a bug/problem and semingly overnight the solution has ben coded and uploaded. Many times, y no soner think, ge, x característica would be so helpful. Then i go todo research if there is a work around, only todo discover that someone has anticipated my wish and it is already coded. Now that is customer service, as you might have guessed, in this issue we delve under the microscope as we exploresome of the exciting ways Blender is being used todo further education and research. So Grab a Hot beverage of choice and settle in for an enlightening experience.

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