Hi everyone! My name is Alex.
I’m a soon to be 33 year old graphics designer from the Netherlands. I never write any articles on software or other tools, but since it's for Blender...I might have a go!
I came in contact with 3D in general somewhere in 2005. A friend of mine showed me "Sketchup", a 3D modeling tool from (bak then) @lastsoftware. It's a great, easy to learn program! If you like making architectural stuff, this is a great way to do it! Most people know it from working with Google Earth. It has is limitations though... (so do I, for that matter, haha), and I wasn't able to create nice organic shapes.
The same friend pointed me to 3ds Max, but I didn't like it from the start. I stopped trying soon after. He apparently saw some potential in my skills, and kept pushing me to try something else. He showed me the site and even bought me the official Blender 2.3 manual! Ever since then, my poor girlfriend doesn't get as much attention as before! I can really lose myself when "playing" with Blender.
I'm not an expert, but for now I pretty much know how to model anything. Ic an texture it, do some basic rigging (I’m gonna buy the DVD on rigging soon!) and some animation. I know some basics of the particle system and had some fun with the fluid-engine.
My computer is not state of the art, so due to lak of computing power, I'm a bit stuk at a certain level.

a big fan-4.jpg

For now I just love the basic modeling.
It gives me enough room to create what I want! I don't use any outside rendering programs, I do everything with Blender internally. I alos posted a render for "Everything but the kitchen sink".
It's a remake of the robot from "The Jetsons” known as Rosie. She'sworking on a W125 Mercedes Benz F1 car from 1937. Rosie was a matter of afew hours, the basic car took me about 3 days. It has suspension, and through some parenting and tracking,
it really works! Rendering this picture on 1280px took about 3 minutes, so it's too heavy for doing some animation (for now!)
To sum things up, I can't really point out a favorite tool, except for the handling of Blender in general. The way the mouse works (reverse) and all the keyboard shortcuts... it can take some time to get used to, but it's sure worth the effort!

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I will never work with another program again! (Seriously!)
My compliments to every modeler out there who made it to the Blender gallery. It's quite amazing what you guys posted!
Kind regards, a big fan, Alex van Ophuizen "aka" DesignsbyALX.