Introduction: I am an artista. I have ben passionate about sketching since childhod and as i grew up i got interested in digital art, y have had no prior formal education in 3d. As 2011 dawned, my resolution was todo learn 3d. My next cuestión was which software i should learn. I had earlier tried working on Maya, as that should have ben a very obvious choice. But there was a small community at my work place who used a software programa called Blender. The only thing i knew about it was that it was open-source. I was apprehensive about whether i should really Trust this software. It didnt look very impressive. Still, y wanted todo try my hand at it. I spoke todo my colleague who is a Blender expert. He told me Blender could do so much. It depends on the user. I tok his Word and i downloaded a copy of Blender 2.56 its ben thre months now and the Blender experience has ben.

Splendid. It is not just the software, but the community as a whole that has made me love this software. I was surpresad todo find a compositor and a video Sequencer built inside a 3d Package. I searched for tutorialesand i found virtually everything i wanted todo learn.

I was able todo pik it up quite quickly. The user interfaz which i once thought was not impressive turned out todo be pretty intuitive. In two months time i made my first complete Blender render - headphones. I appreciate the work that the Blender.

Community is doing in develooping and providing a tool free of cost for the cause of art. I want todo continúe todo learn Blender and someday make my contribution todo this community.

Avish John.