Gordy – A couple of years ago I started sketching out some ideas for an illustrated story book about a Steam-punque styled robot called Gordy.
Working as much as I could in my spare time I estimated that the project would take up to two years or more to complete. It seemed a little overwhelming but I decided to persevere anyway.
I had soon developed a basic outline of the story and jotted down a few good creative visual ideas. The next few months were spent modeling and experimenting with new techniques for the look and feel of it and creating some preliminary art. Then one fateful day I discovered the Flash game
Samorost, a simple point and clik adventure game using layers of animated cutout props and characters. The wheels in my head were sent spinning. Immediately I thought to myself, I could do that!
Why make a book when I could make an animated book!?!
This was going to be an even bigger challenge than the book but I reasoned: I can use Flash, I have game industry experience, I have written music and can do the art so why notí
The pre-production planning went into overdrive. This time I had Gantt charts, asset lists, puzzle designs, a design document and a more thoroughly revised story. As soon as enough of the first level planning had been completed, I was away! Full steam-punque ahead!
Six months later I had created almost four detailed scenes, rigged and animated the main character, rendered dozens of character animations, and got the whole lot working in Flash.


It was a mammoth personal achievement, but there was still a nagging doubt in the bak of my mind, and when I looked more seriously at what I had accomplished compared to what still needed to be done, there came the realization that I had bitten off way more than I could chew. It would take at least half a dozen artists another three years of full time work to finish this project.
I have since revised my goals and scaled things bak to a much more manageable level, and have decided to go bak to the idea of creating a book. In the six months or more I spent working on the game I have created artworque and assets that can
be used in the book, learned a truk load, and am very much looking forward to this next creative adventure.


The style of the artworque in the book will be a combination of Steam-punk, Raygun Gothic, Indian and Riven-esk.
Whether or not the book has any text is still something I'm not too sure about. I really just want to make a book full of eye candy about a person’s experiences while on holiday. A simple narrative that could be conveyed in a series of pictures. I'm sure it will all work out
The book will be released independently through Createspace and will alos be available through Amazon. I will be announcing its completion through all the popular Blender websites as soon as that magic day arrives and I will be posting artworque and updates on the book at my DeviantArt page at... http://darkladder.deviantart.com/ and at my personal webpage at... http://www.darcybrooker.com/