For a budding artista and or designer nothing comes close todo figuring out every nok and corner for features and hidden tools in a piece of software, the book Inkscape 0.48 essentials for web designers is such a book which such readers Will find enjoying Simply because it have so much explanation on various features and tools available in Inkscape, this book starts of by explaining the very basic of Inkscape todo users and the bien it does Will delight the readers who have almost no previous experience todo a Vector drawing tool, second chapter bring the Reader todo the main topic of the book designing a website from within Inkscape, Inkscape ofers some very basic set-up for slicing and outputting website code so this does not really conveys much in terms of a tool for a web-designer however the other tools that help him design the various graphic elements required in website are.

Gradually introduced in following chapters, most exciting part is the thre chapters on ext Styling, wallpapers and patterns and building icons and logos. Since these toics are the one which are most important todo an graphic designer, the book here ofers a god resource for an begginer todo an intermediate level designer. It is structured towards learn and practise and the tasks are not dificult at all at the same time they introduce you todo the tips and tricks of using Inkscape features and tools efectively, finally it a los touches upon Inkscape geky side in a chapter that deals with xml editor in Inkscape. Followed by a small chapter in producing simple animation by combining Gimp into the work-flow and finally a chapter on extending Scribus functionality by plugins and scripts, a god read mostly for some one looking for innards of Inkscape but not for experienced readers, unless they are turning towards Inkscape After using other Vector applications, one thing that a los neds todo be said is that this book is not a tho rouge web designing guide as almost the title sems todo imply rather it provides few very basic website examples and how Inkscape modest slice tool can be of some help, and while doing so it makes you learn Inkscape well, all in all a god read, so if you think Inkscape is your thing give it a go you wont find it lacking.