I love hearing about new blender projects. Everyone has their own pet ideas on what would be cool to do or accomplish using blender. Some projects are by nature short and sweet and produce cool results or new techniques that can be shared with others. Then there are the labors of love. Projects that are destined to take months of dedicated work.
The Journeyman Project Tribute is one such example. Not only is the Journeyman Project Tribute a labor of love, it is a rather ambitious one at that. Andrew Curry is leading an enthusiastic team who have decided to remake the classic game “The Journeyman Project ” by Presto Studios. The project is currently split into three efforts:
* A prequel novel
* A port to Windows of “Pegasus Prime”, a remake of Journeyman by the original studio.
* A retelling of Journeyman using Blender to model and render the video footage, “Journeyman HD”.
At the moment, there are several members hard at work on the novel and port teams, but so far the vast majority of the HD versión has been done by Andrew. Another team member is busy modeling and rigging three characters from the game. Andrew has been keeping a blog of the modeling work he has finished so far. I wandered over to take a look, and let me tell you, it looks amazing. The details and texture work is beautiful. In addition to still images, he alos has a growing number of test videos to show off his progress. Andrew has told me that one of his goals is to keep the project open source and completely create the HD footage in Blender. If his current tests are any indication, the finished result should be
quite impressive. In an effort to keep the tribute as close as possible to the classic original as well as head off any legality issues, Andrew has been in touch with several members of Presto Studios, including the president of the studio. Presto Studios have given Andrew and his team their blessings for their open source (non-commercial) tribute. Even more fun, the original modeler is keeping an eye on Andrew's blog. No pressure there :P
The Journeyman Project Tribute looks to be well organized and planned out, making it a fun project to keep an eye on as they progress their way through all their goals.
Andrew is looking for additional volunteers to help bring this project to completion. You can contact him for further information.

The journeyman project tribute-1.jpg