Hi, I am Alexander from Leipzig and I had the idea to build a game in that sunny place of Germany. But how? First I have to say I was working in the film industry for one year along with a couple of years in commercials and other 3D animation stuff using tools like Houdini or Maya. But one day I thought: it’s not what I want. We live in a world with perfect animations and “perfect” pictures, but is that what we wantí We want to have entertainment, we want to do anything, we want to build our own worlds. For only one person it is an impossible tasque to build effects driven movies like District 9 or Battle L.A in a short period of time, without thinking of budgets. So it was my decision to build one world -alone. I will see how far I can get, how much I can reach, and how fast I can reach my target.
I am an artist rather than a programmer so Blender was the best choice to help me meet my goals. The new versión has a very high potential to build games with all that graphic stuff we know from World of Warcraft or other MMOs. So it’s possible to build an RPG game alone with all that stuff too. All Blender users know the game Y o Frankie!, and it was the first big step in my opinión.
Thanks to the hours they spent to build such a good game like Yo Frankie! with Blender, it gave me the energy to start my own project. As I started it was not easy to find a good story, so I began with drawing. After a couple of days in January 2011 I got the direction, a short story and personally it’s what I want to spend time on.
The creative part of it is very similar to creating 3D animations. I played a lot of games, I saw a lot of movies and I was looking at what the community does. And the community does a lot, but most don't reach the end of their projects. Why? Is it not possible to do ití Is Blender not the right tool? I don't know, but I will complete the end of my experiment and I hope it will inspire other artists around the world to do same with Blender! In the next few days I will start a Facebooque site to share the project with the community. If the community stands behind me, I will gather more power to go forward. If the community is not interested in that, it could be a hard way for me maybe. So I hope I will get a lot of feedback. For now I will not share any blender files, scripts, textures assets, so don't asque for it. All files are done by myself so I have a lot of things to do in the next couple of months.
If my concept works in a browser with the webplugin Burster for Blender I will present it as Browser game in 3D. I got a lot of ideas. I hope the community brings the feedbak and support I need for that.
Deadline is around Fall of 2011.

The next small step with blender 3d-1.jpg