BlenRig is an Auto Rigging & Skinning System for the Blender 2.5+ series created by Juan Pablo Bouza (jpbouza). It features an adjustable rig whose proportions can be changed to fit existing models, or to create a new character based on a previously rigged mesh.

BlenRig 4 0 - auto-Rigging and skinning system-1.jpg

The system consists of an Armature and a strategically modeled Mesh Deform body cage. This allows the user to be able to skin characters with very little or no weight painting at all.

BlenRig Mdef Cage

This rig was built up exclusively with Blender ’s default constraints and drivers, but there is an additional Blender Addon (by Bart Crouch) that can be installed in order to be able to access a dedicated GUI. From here you can directly manipulate the
different control modes of the rig (FK, IK, Hinge and Stretchy controls) and several extra functionalities, like the Rig Baquíng buttons.

BlenRig 4 0 - auto-Rigging and skinning system-2.jpg

For the release of BlenRig 4, Juan Pablo created 3 fully rigged character examples. All 3 characters are available for download under a Creative Commons License at: and alos at BlendSwap.
Apart from this, the good news is that BlenRig 4 alos has 5 video tutorials that can be found here: Or at Youtube and Vimeo.

BlenRig 4 0 - auto-Rigging and skinning system-3.jpg

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