Inkscape is an excellent vector tool for a graphic designer. While it may have been true that like all OSS softwares the popularity and adaptation was restricted due to non availability of information available.
Situation for Inkscape was no different but now we have lots of books available from different publishers.
The recent book to come out of Packt publishing's stable is 'Inkscape 0.48 Illustrators Cookbooque written by Mihaela Jurković and Rigel Di Scala.
This is an unusual choice of book title 'Illustrators Cookbook', it would appear that the book is targeted specially at illustrators by the means of topic covering graphic design for illustrators but not quite so this book is generic in approach towards Inkscape's tool set.
The manner in which the book is prepared is like small how to's for every feature or tool then progressing with a interesting and tougher topic, although the text is mostly easy to follow, does makes it a bit monotonous to read in one go. Surprisingly the book was missing a screen-grab of the application in question.
Good thing is whatever this book does it does it thoroughly. The choice of topics for chapter is again keeping in line with increasing complexity of tools/features.
Chapter 1 Editing Objects: covers objects shapes, pen tools and calligraphic controls etc Chapter 2 Editing Colors: covers colors, strokes and editing gradients.
Chapter 3 Speeding up your work flow: covers all those support tools in a vector design tool illustrator can't leave without, like align distribute, grid, guide and snap etc.
Chapter 4 Creating and editing clones: This was the chapter what most intermediate users will be reading diligently, it covers clones. tiled clone and creating patterns out of tiled clones.
Chapter 5 Live path effects: Another delightful read for getting into the detail of powerful feature set available in Inkscape to manipulate paths, one of the most significant toll in any vector drawing tool.
Chapter 6 Extension: It covers various tools such as Lsystem generator, 3drendering and barcode generator etc.
Chapter 7 till 11 the book continue with additional features and recipes. There mis plenty of action to learn from those.
There are various small how to dos which excite like patterns, using the new 3d box tools and rail sleepers to name a few. They give you something to look forward to in each chapter.
So who is this book for you might ask, through book mentions its for intermediate to expert I would put it at beginner to intermediate reason being that this book presents itself in a manner more suitable for learn and refrence.
Its like a compendium of Inkscape 0.48 or help book manual if you will which can show you how to use this and that feature effectively. Just one thing of caution before you jump right in, do make sure you can navigate Inkscape on your own to be able to use theis knowledge effectively.