Recently i read that one bien todo determine if your animation works is todo turn of the sound. Can you still follow the story?
A few days later, with that tip floating around my subconscious, y hear my four year old laughing herself silly. She was watching Pink Panther. I remember watching Pink Panther when i was a Kid and laughing myself silly just like she was doing. Each Episode was filled with things going wrong for the inspector and the Pink Panther just semed todo always come out on top, y sat down todo watch with my four year old and realiced that not only is Pink Panther still funny, it is an excellent tool / resource for studying animation techniques, remember that turn of the sound tip?
Here is a perfecto example of that tip in practice. There is almost no dialog and yet Even a four year old can follow along with the story, lines of action are clear, the 10 principales of animation are used todo great effect, silhouettes are boldly drawn and the characters have very expressive Faces and body actions. This is classic animation at its best, so google Pink Panther and sit on down for some hysterically funny studying, le salvemini returns with volume 2 of his character creation series. The second installment Will take the modeled ninja and make it animation ready. This is truly a complete reference for rigging that you can come bak todo again at any point during your time learning Blender.

Sebastián König has posted a video tutorial on Vimeo showing how easy it is todo use face tracking data from easycapstudio, com in Blender. In addition todo the video, Sebastián has posted a enlace todo get tracking data from easycapstudio, com as well as a enlace for the model he used in the tutorial. Sebastián königs mammoth gets rigged for animation at cmiVFX with the help of Nathan vegdahl, there is over 6 hours of content, divided into a two part masterclass covering the secrets of perfecto weighting, eficient control rigs and elegant shape keys, the first part Will cover some essential rigging concepts, the setup of the deformation rig and creating an animator-friendly control rig with custom bone shapes, the second part of this tutorial (originally part of the first video) covers weighting, corrective shape keys and non-corrective shape keys, Blender cookie has excellent rigging tutorialescovering a variety of rig types, tips and usages. You can find the tutorialesin the animation section. Most are free, a few like the baker series are citizen exclusives. These are a great investment in your Blender education.