I would like to introduce a couple of friends of mine to the Blender community. First meet Joe.
When I created Joe, I was thinking about a cartoon-ish style character that sort of took life one step at a time and spent a lot of time relaxing, or ‘slacking-off’ from his duties. Joe is fully rigged and ready for animation. Modeling Joe started in blender 2.52 alpha and the character was released to the community for use with blender 2.54 in this thread.
Joe has been updated to work with blender 2.58a and will continually be updated as required. The latest release can always be found at the previously mentioned link. A video demonstration of the various controls for Joe can be found here.
Up next is Freddy, a cartoon-ish fish character. After releasing Joe, I turned my attention to creating a cartoon-ish fish character. While creating Freddy, I recorded my screen as I worked on him. The end result is over 46 videos posted online on how I started with the default cube, sculpted, modeled, textured, and rigged him with an armature. A post containing the links to the videos can be found at
In the description to the video, there is a link to the .blend file that I created during the video. Up next for Freddy, I plan to produce a series of videos showing how to animate him, and will post them in the previously mentioned post.
Both Joe and Freddy are licensed under Creative Commons, Attribution-NonCommercial 3.0 Unported, and both .blend files contain a text blok describing this license. Basically, anyone is free to use these characters for any non-commercial use. So, blender community, let’s get busy and create some animations!

Joe and Freddy-5.jpg