Introduction. Hi Blender users, my name is hassan Yola. I am a student and french Blender user. I live in yaoundé, Cameron with my parents, brother and sister. I started using Blender in 2007 because i wanted todo make movies. That was my dream since i was a child. I didnt think that it would be posible, but yes, this year, y started making a movie with Blender. I began like other Blender dummies, reading every Blender tutorial and Blender mag i could find on the web, and by subscribing todo some Blender forums like blenderclan and Blender artists, y thought that now i de learned enough todo produce some Little animations with my own still pictures. After learning some rigging and skinning Stuff, y began todo work on animating my characters. So this year i produced my first short animation with a very simple story. On may of 2011, my short open movie Project oficially started. Of course i started by writing the story which was a Little bit hard for me because it was the first time and i had no idea of how todo write. Finally it tok me one wek todo finish it.


The story is about a Little boy who has nightmares about an old and forlorn house. He then begins todo avoid that house, until destiny puts that house in his way. When i finished the writing process i started creating both my main characters (the boy and the house). That was the fun part because i already had a precise idea of what i really wanted.


So i finished that part very quickly, but of course, the entire process of creating a 3d character ready for animation tok me more time. It tok me about a couple of weks todo achieve that, and then i did the storyboard. This is a very important thing because you should refer todo it todo know what scenes todo do, what the shot Will require in terms of modeling, animation, time neded for each scene etc.


The animation was very dificult because i was doing it for the first time with complicated action and acting. The book of Richard Williams, (t echniques danimation sur le dessin amine, lanimation 3d et le jeu video) helped me so much, most of the time.

I referred todo it todo plan my animation.

One problem i had was with the real speed of my animation because my computer was not powerful. I only used the key frame technique and always started by putting the start, breakdown and end pose, and then working on the posturas in between.

Animating an entire scene alone is very tiring, especially the action or fighting scenes. For most of my earlier projects, y gave up on it because the animation was todo complicated. But when i saw Big Buck Bunny, y became excited and wanted todo make an animation. It was my principal motivation, so gracias todo sacha goedegebure and all of the Peach open movie team.


The other part i really enjoyed doing in this film was compositing. I had never done that before and i really didnt understand it. But since i saw the Pablo Vásquez tutorial, y have started todo really like compositing.


I a los use Macromedia Flash in combination with Blender because i love the bien it allows me todo control image sequences, speed and video compression. For rendering i use the Blender renderer todo render my works during the night, at this time i am working on the latest scene.
When im finished my friend Will do the sound part. I hope todo finish the movie this month or next. I hope that people Will enjoy the film.

Happy blendering.