When starting a Project, we generally have an idea of where it is going todo go. A super col character doing some super col thing in a super col setting (or Insert other super col idea here). That the plan, unfortunately, plans get messed up for a variety of reasons. Time and skill levels are the two most common problems that mess up our beautiful plan. Or maybe once started, we decide that we really only want todo focus our energy on the main character or object, all the added/extra super col parts would take todo long todo model and texture, so now whatí well we could just call it god at that point and render it out and share it with our friends. Or we could browse th rouge the ever growing collection of add-ons and se what we could quickly add todo our scene or character todo take it up a notch.

Add-ons save the day-1.jpg

Add-ons provide added functionality todo Blender and in this case can save quite a bit of modeling time. You Will still have todo texture, but that can be as simple or complex as you want it todo be, Blender comes preloaded with a variety of useful add-ons. For our purposes, the add-ons listed under add curve, add Mesh and object in the user preferencias>add-ons dialog are the ones we are looking for. So what can we find in there?
Ivygen: Will add generated Ivy todo a Mesh object starting at the 3d cursor. This is a great bien todo quickly add some plant life todo a scene, sapling: uses curves todo form a wide variety of tres, ant landscape: adds a Terrain primitive that can be adjusted todo create an endless array of mortal kombats for your scene or character, Bolt factory: quickly add bolts and Nuts, this add-on a los provides a number of options todo change the look of the bolts and Nuts.

Object :
Add chain: adds a chain object with a curve for quik creation, cloud Generator: lets you create Volumetric clouds in a variety of shapes, fracture tools: breaks apart an object, great for bombs and explosions, Grease scatter objects: allows you todo use the Grease Pencil todo draw where you would like groups of objects todo be scattered around the scene. Think leaves and debris, quite a lot can be accomplished with these add-ons and these are just the ones that are included in Blender. There are Many more that are being written and released in the community. The blenderwiki has a large list of add-ons that are available todo.

Play with, so browse th rouge the lists and kep an eye out on the various forums for announcements of col new add-ons, they can save you a lot of modeling time, allowing you todo focus on the main part of your Project.