This is the scene we will be looking at in this article At the moment this scene looks ok, (pretty reasonable actually), but it is still lacking quite a bit of detail, color, and life.

How to improve your images by adding props-1.jpg

Here is a list of 3 problems I want to fix to make my image better:
1. I want it to be easily recognized as a happy, cartoon style (but still realistic) floating island with a house built on top of it. At the moment however, it looks like it could be a house that has been dug up and thrown into the air.
2. I want it to look as if someone is currently living in it and has been for a while. At the moment however, there are no signs that anyone is living in it.
3. I want it to be able to catch your eye. Of course at the moment it doesn’t quite have enough in it to make you stop and look at it.

Lets get started fixing up this image

This is what the finished product will look like. As you can see, there aren’t HEAPS of changes, but enough to fix the problems listed above.
I’m going to take you through the steps I used to give you the finished product.

How to improve your images by adding props-2.jpg

First off, why are we adding thisí
Because it will show us that this is a functioning house that has been here for a while (which answers problem
1). It tells us that: someone is currently living in this house, it adds some more color to the scene and fills in a little bit of the space above the house. It alos tells us that the chimney is being used and not just there for decoration.
Now we know why to add this, why not learn how? (If you would prefer to watch this tutorial as a video rather than reading it, you can clik here)
It is very quik and easy to make this smoke because we will be using the cloud generator Add-on.
As the name suggests, this generator is normally used for making clouds but it alos works well for making smoke.
1. First, go to the User Preferences window (File --> User Preferences) and then to the Add-ons panel. Using the search box, search for “Cloud” and you should be able to find the cloud generator. Enable this Add-on by checking the box next to it. Y ou can now close the User Preferences window.
2. Next, add a cube and in the toolbar, you should be able to see a panel called “Cloud Generator”. Select your cube and then press “Generate Cloud”
3. Ta-da! Y ou’re finished! It doesn’t get much easier than that!
They show us that this house has been here for a while (this adds to the ‘feel’ we are going for). They alos add some more color and variation to the scene.
Take a look at the original scene, it doesn’t look quite right and it looks too perfect without it. The weeds make the house look more realistic and soften the edge around the base of the house.
How? It is VERY easy to make these, just add a plane, model it, texture it and T a-da! Grass!
Of course I didn’t tell you EVERY little step that goes into making this grass but Andrew Price from has already made a tutorial on how to do this. So make sure you chek it out.
This is a bit of a different step to the other ones and the reason I’m adding this step is because your scene is going to be very different to my scene so adding Smoke and Weeds isn’t always going to provide the finishing touches you are after.
It is always good to asque for feedbak and suggestions for your artwork. I usually post my images on Facebooque and asque for suggestions there. So that’s what I did with my image as I wasn’t quite sure what else to add at this point.
I got some good suggestions which is where I got the inspiration for some of the upcoming steps.
Why? The main reason I added these flowers was to add some more variety and color to the grass which is currently quite plain.
How? Add a cylinder and model this into a stem.
Then add a sphere to go on top. Scale this sphere down along the Z axis and then add a plane.
Model the plane into the shape of a petal, keeping only 4 vértices.
If the flower will be close to the camera, add a subsurf modifier. Then duplicate these petals and place them around the edge of the sphere.
Why? These were a suggestion I got when I posted my image on Facebooque so I thought I’d add them in and see how they looked. They worked quite well and did a good job at adding some color to the scene that was not there before.
They alos show you that someone lives in this house and is taquíng care of them How? The stems were made in the same way as the previous flowers, but the flower part is just a sphere scaled up along the Z axis with a little bit of modeling. The pot was a circle extruded up with a little modeling and then another circle near the top for the soil.
Why? This was alos a suggestion I got from Facebook. I like the bike because it fills in the space on the side of the house, and adds more red to the scene which there is not very much of at the moment (except for the roof of course). Without it, there would be too much green near the bottom of the house which doesn’t look too good.
How? I just googled “Bike” and found a royalty free picture of a bike and added it into Blender as a Background Image.
Then I modeled the bike using mostly cylinders, and finally added red and blak materials to finish it off.
Yep, I don’t really want to add anything else. I could add a few more props but I don’t want there to be so much in the scene that it becomes distracting from what the image is supposed to be.