When involved in any project, there comes a point where you have to decide whether or not you are going to cut corners.
Time might be a factor. In fact, time is often a big factor when deciding how much you are going to do yourself.
I am talking about modeling.
Modeling is often the most time consuming part of any project. At least for me it is. I always end up having to decide if I am going to model everything myself or if I am going to save time and download models created by others.
Blend Swap makes it very easy to download pre-made models that you can play with or add to your projects.
From the Blend Swap website:
Blend Swap is the place to find and share blends with the entire world. You make awesome blends, share them in the biggest repository of open source 3D models made with the awesome Open Source 3D suite Blender .
They have an amazing collection of quality 3D objects created in Blender in a wide variety of categories for use and study. Most are even textured, making them ready for use in your scene with no further effort on your part. The number of available models grows daily, so chek bak often to see what is new.
When you have time, doing all the modeling yourself is part of the fun.
But just because you want to do it yourself, doesn't mean that you couldn't use just a little help. That's where tutorials can be very helpful.
Hans Erickson has a wonderful website called CG Boomer - Blender 2.5/2.6 3D-CG where he shares his insight into Blender. He is currently working on a short film and has decided to model everything himself.
The great part is that he is sharing everything he is learning along the way. At this point he has 150+ video tutorials on how to model the growing number of props and accessories that he needs for his short film.
So whether you create a model yourself or download it from Blend Swap, is up to you and what you want to accomplish.