ANIMUX is an absolutely FREE animation based toolset which can handle tasks from creative development to post-production stage of your creative project.

All the tools that Bassam Kurdali used to create his "The Mancandy FAQ" are included in Animux. It was completely rendered using Animux on 25 render nodes.


Animux is a feature rich operating system.

* 1 Animator centric Goals
* 2 Because we are animators or friends of animators...
* 3 Over 60 Animator specific Tools
* 4 Pretty and Productive desktop environment
* 5 Easy-to-user installer
* 6 Renderman Complaint Renderers
* 7 EIGHT Renderers included
* 8 Easy to Use
* 9 NVIDIA Drivers with SLI without compiling
* 10 Real-Time Linux Kernel
* 11 Animux supports Virtualization
* 12 Easy to set up renderfarms
* 13 GUI based Digital Asset Management Tools
* 14 Mass Deployment/Configuration Tools

EIGHT Renderers included:

Animux includes 8 renderers which the animator has a choice to use to create his final render. Aqsis, Lucille, Lux, PBRT, Pixie, Yafray, Sunflow, Blender,
3 renderfarm managers included in Animux
pues eso, una distro linux con todas las herramientas opensource para los animadores, renderfarm, clusters, etc

esta muy interesante agrupar todas las herramientas opensource y realizar una distribución linux, por que siempre uno tiene que empezar a instalar una tras otra herramienta, hay están todas o la mayoría.