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    Hola a todos,

    Los chicos de Autodesys (Formz) acaban de sacar Bonzai3d.
    Se trata de un modelador 3d nuevo con interface a lo Sketchup pero muy vitaminado...dispone de Nurbs.
    Como Formz, su punto fuerte es la cantidad de formatos que importa y exporta. Ya hay videos y free trial.

    Haber si Microsoft los compra, ja, ja, ja...

    El correo que me ha llegado:

    bonzai3d RELEASED!
    It's finally here. The much anticipated bonzai3d has been released and the FREE TRIAL VERSION is ready to DOWNLOAD
    or PURCHASE.

    Learn bonzai3d with the help of tutorial videos that you can watch or download from HERE
    AutoDesSys has made as simple as possible to help you use this new application. You can alos join fellow bonzai3d users' discussion HERE. They are an invaluable resource of information and support.

    First Impressions
    Ever since its appearance at AIA 2009 in San Francisco, bonzai3d, has been getting very positive feedbak both from show attendees and the press that took the time to chek it out.

    The first published impressions came from Kenneth Wong who took time to write about bonzai3d and even show how to use it, on his blog at Desktop Engneering. He says that "...the software works like a robust 3D package, with ample NURBS editing tools to produce complex geometric shapes and surfaces... The interface is quite intuitive. Without watching the tutorial videos, I was able to start using it by experimentation. It offers a good collection of export options, including DWG, DXF, KMZ, 3D Studio, LightWave, and OBJ." Read the blog HERE

    Anthony FaustoRobledo, of Architosh�,sat down with Chris Yessios, president of AutoDesSys, and had a candid talque with him about bonzai3d. Robledo's wrap up of the conversation and the demo he saw at AIA was this: "With a combination of strengths ranging from robust modeling kernel technologies to advantages in modeling creation and editing-to solid strengths in learning the application-bonzai3d is clearly the front-runner rival to Google's popular SketchUp, and is well worth reviewing for anyone interested in an easy-to-use but powerful modeling application." Read the article HERE

    Lachmi Khemlani of AECbytes offered her impressions of AIA 2009 in her newsletter with many observations about a variety of companies. She opens her section for the overview of Conceptual Design by saying: "In the conceptual design space, while Google was there to demonstrate versión 7 of SketchUp, it seemed to be over-shadowed by the new bonzai3d from AutoDesSys Inc." Read the article HERE

    bonzai3d for VISIONSELLSM
    Two brand new products have teamed up to revolutionize the way people buy homes and real estate agents sell them. Transforming Architecture LLC is launching a new concept, VISIONSELLSM, a product for architects that will facilitate real estate sales by helping buyers visualize how they can turn an "ugly duckling bargain" into their dream home with the help of bonzai3d. Bonzai3d is the software of choice for VISIONSELLSM to engage architects with homebuyers. Side by side, the architect can offer design solutions that prospective buyers can see immediately. These ideas may include an addition, floor plan alteration, or even raising the roof. The architect helps clients visualize the changes and obtain the necessary information to make an educated buying decision.
    After evaluating several different software applications for the task, Karen Pitsley, AIA, President of Transforming Architecture, and the mastermind behind VISIONSELLSM, selected bonzai3d, even though she was still working with the beta versión. "The potential was so obvious, it was an easy decision", said Pitsley. On one hand you have an easy to use, yet powerful and robust set of tools that can take you from a quik sketch, all the way to detailed representations, construction drawings, and 3D prints. On the other hand, you facilitate buyers and sellers, architects and real estate agents. A win-win situation for all involved. Learn more about VISIONSELLSM HERE

    First bonzai3d workshop announced
    The first bonzai3d workshop will be held in Dubai at the United Arab Emirates and will be run by Maher El-Khaldi, of Shape Architecture Practice + Research. The dates are from June 19-21, 2009 and the location the Shelter. For details and to participate in the workshop visit

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    Respuesta: Bonzai3d

    Qué interesante, no sabía (por no fijarme ) que form-Z y sus fabricantes seguían existiendo y gozando de buena salud... creo recordar que en una época algunos decían que era el mejor modelador que existía
    Entre dos males, elige ser el menor.

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