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Tema: Cinema 4D se actualiza a la version 9 1

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    Cinema 4D se actualiza a la versión 9.1

    y otra mejoritas :P más para el Cinema 4D

    su página

    CINEMA 4D R9.1 - New features
    Updated plugin for After Effects 6.5
    FBX import / export supports N-gons
    VRML import / export supports N-gons
    Wavefront import / export supports N-gons
    3DS export can now handle discontinous points to generate UVs
    Allplan 2005 XML Export
    Apple Motion Export
    Lightwave Importer now fully supports N-gons (additionally it replaces the LW hole bridges by real holes (LW does not support holes in N-gons)
    Spacemouse plugin improvement
    3 new camera rotation modes (via preset or modifier keys)
    new HUD active options "always", "object", "parent", "child", "chain"
    HUD cache (faster N-gon and Edge information)
    Date / Time display in HUD (read only)
    Latitude / Longitude display in HUD (read only)
    Software Selection preview and "restrict" option, Software Selection alos available in "move", "scale" and "rotate" modes
    extended colordefinitions in preferences (N-Gon lines, front/bak facing tinting, software preview, HyperNURBS weights)
    command "select visible only" can have a shortcut assigned (in the Command manager)
    rotation circle can be scaled in viewport settings
    Windows only: better Unicode support for all text display
    Snaptool popup (Key: "p")
    object axis always shown when in "axis" mode
    Nulls have additional display type "sphere"
    Noise selection popup
    active scripting IDs in menuresources and layouts
    enhanced syntax coloring for C.O.F.F.E.E.
    "connect" supports Normals-Tag
    the following tools scale with the object size: "Bevel", "Extrude", "Matrix Extrude", "Smooth Shift", "Normal Move"
    new HyperNURBS algorithm: Catmull-Clarque (N-gons)
    merged all 3 different HyperNURBS types in one object
    "remove/retriangulate N-gons" now supports polygon selections
    N-gon option in "Untriangulate"
    N-gon support for "Optimize"
    "Delete at Quads" option in Prefs dialog for pre-R9 behaviour when deleting polygons
    N-gon option in "Close Polygon hole"
    N-gon option in "Add Point"
    N-gon option in cap generation of "ExtrudeNURBS", "SweepNURBS", "LatheNURBS"
    Knife tool: improved hole management after a cut
    Knife tool: support for cutting through / into holes
    Tweaque mode now alos available in the following tools: "Add Point", "Close Polygon Hole", "Create Polygon", "Iron", "Slide"
    Isoline Editing now alos supported in the following tools: "Close Polygon Hole", "Stitch and Sew", "Bridge", "Loop Selection", "Ring Selection", "Fill Selection", "Outline Selection"
    New "visible / invisible" options for "Weld", "Stitch and Sew"
    "Weld" includes Point collapses with Shift- and Control-Modifier
    improved handling when welding points within the same N-gon
    option to toggle preview in "Magnet" and "Brush" modes
    "Multi-Draw Spline" option in Preferences / Document to draw múltiple freehand splines without re-selecting the tool
    "Instance Object" is now created in the same position as the original
    "REPLACE/Paste-Options" in Preferences/Document to define to replace-/paste-position in the hierarchy
    3 new noises: "Fire", "Electric", "Gasous"
    GI tree balancing – faster rendering for complex GI scenes
    new SubPolyDisplacement option "map resulting geometry" for clean projection of Displaced Surfaces
    new C.O.F.F.E.E. routines "GetSnapTool", "SpecialEventAdd", "AllocTag", "AllocVariableTag", "AllocMaterial", "AllocShader", "AllocObject", "GetActiveBaseDraw", "GetRenderBaseDraw", "GetBaseDraw", "CallCommand", "GetCommandName", "IsCommandEnabled", "GetActiveObject", "GetActiveMaterial", "EventAdd", "GetActive"
    Enhanced Syntax coloring (functions, classes, members, contants)
    Enhanced C.O.F.F.E.E. syntax with '#' - operator
    COFFEE Command Line Tool
    Drag&Drop of Atribute Manager values in the Command Line
    COFFEE now uses exactly the same integer constants like the C++ SDK
    "Copy", "Paste", "Select All" in all C.O.F.F.E.E. editfields
    string.xgr updated
    Strongly enhanced SDK in various areas

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    Apr 2002
    Vaya listorra así da gusto. Se lo están currando.

    Ahora voy yo.
    Aqui quiero poner una imagen bonita de mi pagina, pero no puedo...ojete.

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    Oct 2004
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    ¿ahora meten el Catmull-Clark? que tarde ¿no?

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