Why Join GameFlood?
GameFlood was designed to help Turbo Squid artists get their work into the world of video games. Joining now will give you access to features like these:
• Use Mashup Studio to easily get your designs for individual weapons, characters, or maps into players’ hands • Personalize a permanent GameFlood identity and profile • Publish your own add-on game content, and promote it within the GameFlood community • Workshop, our totally free project management system with up to 1 GB of file storage space, helps you create and manage teams and projects • Our Forums include a Turbo Squid-specific forum where you can discuss issues with other TS members who are interested in creating game content • Our Messaging system and Friends list help you find and contact other developers and gamers, keep your projects moving forward, and schedule game times • A large and growing Library of the best add-on game content for the hottest online PC games