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Tema: GIMP 2 4 0 Release Candidate

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    GIMP 2.4.0 Release Candidate

    GIMP - The GNU Image Manipulation Program

    Teniendo en cuenta que las versiones instalables (sin compilar) y ejecutables que se pueden descargar para Linux, MacOSX y Windows son de la 2.2.17-1...

    Estas son las novedades:

    Changes in GIMP 2.4.0-rc1

    - further improvement to the Print plug-in
    - completed the color management functionality for 2.4
    - store JPEG setting with the image and use them when saving as JPEG
    - further improved the rectangle tools, in particular handling of the
    fixed aspect ratio
    - added color profile selector widget
    - further improved the display quality for zoomed-out views

    Changes in GIMP 2.3.19

    - support long layer names in PSD files
    - improved EXIF handling in the JPEG file plug-in
    - added control for the playbak speed in the Animation Playbak plug-in
    - avoid needless image preview invalidation
    - allow to edit the image comment in the Image Properties dialog
    - further improved rectangle tools
    - made JPEG save parameters user-configurable
    - avoid color conversións between identical ICC color profiles
    - improved Print plug-in
    - improved loading and saving of indexed TGA images
    - bug fixes and code cleanup

    Changes in GIMP 2.3.18

    - temporarily show the hidden image statusbar while the progress is active
    - added support for loading .abr v6 Photoshop brushes
    - improved usability of color scales
    - improved display quality of zoomed-out image view
    - bug fixes and code cleanup

    Changes in GIMP 2.3.17

    - improved import of multi-page TIFF files
    - reduced rounding errors in Blur routines (core and plugins)
    - further improved parameter checks in the PDB
    - added support for loading .abr v2 Photoshop brushes
    - improved border behavior of the Blur tool
    - show the brush outline at the Clone tool's source position
    - added libgimpbase API to retrieve the user's Pictures folder
    - add a shortcut to the user's Pictures folder to the file-chooser dialog
    - improved the quality of the Motion Blur filter
    - save paths in TIFF files
    - let the Screenshot plug-in name the new layer after the window
    - use memory slices to reduce memory fragmentation
    - some code cleanup
    - lots of bug fixes

    Changes in GIMP 2.3.16

    - make the XOR color configurable as a workaround for broken drivers
    - allow to assign keyboard shortcuts to procedures without menú entry
    - allow to configure the height of the preview área in data editors
    - improved file detection in TGA plug-in
    - improved brush scaling code, now alos scales up
    - converted standard pixmap brushes to parametric ones
    - improved zoom tool behavior
    - D-Bus methods now have a return value indicating success or failure
    - added more menú tooltips
    - allow procedures to request the display ID they are being called from
    - depend on GTK+ >= 2.10.6 and use some of the new functions in GTK+ 2.10
    - allow filename passed on the command-line to be opened as new images
    - various optimizations
    - bug fixes and code cleanup

    Changes in GIMP 2.3.15

    - added keyboard control to rectangle tools and improved their tool options
    - improved console handling on Win32
    - support large XCF files (> 2GB) on Win32 also
    - cleanup of the internal undo system
    - asque before overwriting files, not only for image files
    - added "Revert Zoom" functionality
    - added GimpStringComboBox widget to libgimpwidgets
    - added HAL support for hotplug of Linux Input devices
    - added support for shaped Windows to the Screenshot plug-in
    - improved handling of incomplete PNG files
    - categorize contributors into active and inactive
    - added controller module for DirectInput controllers on Win32
    - speed up transform tools
    - improved tool cancellation framework
    - fixed Select -> Border behaviour and added option for 'sticky image edges'
    - bug fixes and code cleanup

    Changes in GIMP 2.3.14

    - added actions to control brush spacing
    - polished appearance of image window
    - scale the brush's spacing when scaling the brush
    - save tool presets when they are changed
    - improved handling of vectors in the Python bindings
    - allow for auto-cropping the result of the transform tools
    - added GimpRatioEntry widget and use it in the rectangle tool options
    - added functions to transform between preview and image coordinates
    - added PDB functions to validate display, drawable, image and vectors IDs
    - added HSL color model to Decompose and Compose plugins
    - further improved status bar messages for tools
    - on systems with D-Bus build gimp-remote functionality into gimp executable
    - bug fixes and code cleanup

    Changes in GIMP 2.3.13

    - show information about embedded color profiles in Image Properties dialog
    - allow to apply color profiles on load (still work in progress)
    - new vectors PDB API to replace the old path API
    - added "Auntie Alias" plug-in for antialiasing on lineart
    - added Edit->Fade operation
    - added Rounded Corners option to Rectangle Select tool
    - improved WinIcon plug-in (now loads and sabes 24 bit and Vista icons)
    - merged gimp-tiny-fu; replaces Script-Fu Scheme interpreter with TinyScheme
    - remember unit and interpolation type in scale and resize dialogs
    - changed default interpolation type to Cubic
    - show comment in Image Properties dialog
    - when loading in image as layers, don't merge the layers
    - added experimental palette color selector module
    - don't save thumbnails that don't match the image
    - increased tool handle sizes for better usability
    - implemented brush scaling from the tool options (only downscaling yet)
    - import paths embedded into TIFF files
    - support vectors in the Script-Fu and Python-Fu user interfaces
    - added PDB functions to retrieve position of layers/channels/vectors
    - added side pane with table of contents to the Help Browser
    - bug fixes and code cleanup

    Changes in GIMP 2.3.12

    - merged the Perspective Clone tool
    - allow to pan the image view using the Space bar
    - show a thumbnail in the "Rotate JPEG?" query dialog
    - added file information to the Image Properties dialog
    - more work on the new selection tools
    - give immidiate feedbak when tool modifier keys are pressed
    - added Lens Distortion plug-in
    - internationalize Python binding and Python plugins
    - improved internal message infrastructure, use the statusbar for warnings
    - added an URL loader backend based on libcurl
    - build a color-managed CMYK color selector if lcms is available
    - localize Script-Fu procedure descriptions
    - lots of user interface polishing
    - bug fixes and code cleanup

    Changes in GIMP 2.3.11

    - depend on newer versións of glib, gtk+ and pango and use some of the new
    features in these libraries
    - made Ctrl-P the default shortcut for Print
    - show progress when loading/saving XCF files
    - added support for 16/32 bit bitmaps and alpha channel to the BMP plug-in
    - if possible, detect the number of CPUs
    - allow to disable the build of the Script-Fu extension
    - many improvements to the Python bindings and the pygimp user interface
    - made message dialogs transient for the progress window
    - added PDB API for creating a selection from vectors
    - further improved status bar messages for tools
    - derive ByColorSelect and FuzzySelect tools from a common base class
    - finer control over select-by-color functionality
    - minor optimizations in the drawing code
    - abstract brush outline drawing into the common base class GimpBrushTool
    - store sample points in XCF files
    - added extended PDB API for selection procedures
    - added convenience API to libgimp that creates a layer from a GdkPixbuf
    - added midpoint handles to Scale tool for scaling with fixed width or height
    - let color picker tools select a matching color in the Palette Editor
    - allow to use foreground and background color in gradients
    - added first draft of a new Healing Brush tool
    - abstract clone tool functionality into the common base class GimpSourceTool
    - improvements to the new selection tools
    - don't wake up the gimp every so often
    - added GimpHintBox widget to libgimpwidgets
    - bug fixes and code cleanup

    Changes in GIMP 2.3.10

    - added support for a registration color in the Decompose plug-in
    - the Align tool now alos aligns to guides
    - allow use of CSS color notation in Script-Fu
    - more work on the new selection tools
    - let Fractal Explorer work on grayscale and give it a larger preview
    - speed up Value Invert plug-in
    - added strong undo/redo functions bound to Shift-Ctrl-[ZY]
    - use radio items for the image mode menu
    - applied Tango style on the default iconset
    - added plug-in for colormap manipulation
    - allow plugins to register in Layers, Channels, Vectors and Colormap dialog
    - added load plug-in to open desktop links
    - removed print plugins and started work on a replacement using the
    new GTK+ Print API
    - added replacements for gimp_foo_select widgets, aquín to GimpFontSelectButton
    - introduced translation context to a number of colliding strings
    - bug fixes and code cleanup

    Changes in GIMP 2.3.9

    - better interpolation for "smooth" curves in the Curve tool
    - added an Auto button to the Threshold tool that picks a suitable value
    - simplified user installation, only display a dialog in case of an error
    - added Red Eye Removal plug-in
    - added thumbnail loader to GIF load plug-in
    - declared even more data as const
    - refactoring of the PDB and plug-in management code
    - allow Merge to work on a single layer
    - added a way to remove all keyboard shortcuts from the Preferences dialog
    - added menú items for "Text to Path", "Text along Path" and "Text to
    - allow to initialize a new layer masque with any of the image's channels
    - added clipboard brush and clipboard pattern
    - added scripts to sort color palettes
    - swap meanings of "dilate" and "erode" which have been wrong for a long time
    - show Clone tool source location while painting
    - use GtkFileChooserButton in place of GimpFileEntry
    - added script to reverse the order of layers
    - added "Sample merged" and "Selected Pixels only" options to Palette import
    - added actions to select palette and colormap colors
    - new environment variable to control which batch interpreter to use
    - give plugins access to the CPU detection so that they can use MMX code
    - speed up Selective Gaussian Blur plug-in
    - improved tool cursors, added edge resizing cursors
    - improved behaviour of new selection tools
    - allow to reset all gimprc values from the Preferences dialog
    - optionally show guides in the Crop tool
    - bug fixes and code cleanup

    Changes in GIMP 2.3.8

    - added new tile primitive Triangle to Mosaic plug-in
    - speed up Gaussian Blur plug-in
    - suppress redundant progress updates from plugins
    - changed some gimprc and sessionrc default values (window hints,
    fullscreen mode)
    - do not focus transform tool dialogs on map
    - renamed Magnify tool to Zoom tool and added some missing tool shortcuts
    - added a submenú with recently used plugins to the Filters menu
    - fixed look-up table used for Contrast adjustments
    - improved the user interface of the Animation Playbak plug-in
    - added frameworque for describing menú entries in the statusbar
    - added lots of helpful blurbs to procedures and core actions
    - remove color from the Watercolor selector if Shift is being pressed
    - ported PDB internals to GParamSpec and GValue
    - speedup and UI improvements for the SIOX tool
    - added parasite getters and settors for vectors
    - made PSD load and save plugins 64bit clean
    - some string review
    - ported ellipse select tool to the new rectangle tool
    - added basic support for layer masks to the PSD save plug-in
    - avoid relocations by declaring more data as const
    - new application icons in more sizes and as a SVG
    - provide script-specific samples instead of hard-coding "Aa" for font preview
    - build the Screenshot plug-in on all platforms
    - allow to discard invisible layers when merging visible layers
    - nicer output from gimp-procedural-db-dump
    - bug fixes and code cleanup

    Changes in GIMP 2.3.7

    - depend on GTK+ 2.8, use some of the new features
    - removed workarounds for problems in GTK+ 2.6
    - moved Align Visible Layers to the Image menu
    - started to add a new vectors PDB API
    - make it more obvious that docks can be rearranged by drag and drop
    - modified the behaviour of the Tab key
    - added --license command-line option
    - improved dither matrix for RGB->Indexed conversión
    - added PDB API to stroke with any paint method
    - gave some plugins more sensible names
    - keep settings of brush/pattern/font/... button popups across sessions
    - reduced number of memory allocations by declaring some strings as static
    - some improvements to the plug-in preview widgets
    - added links to important topics in the user manual
    - let the configure script display a summary of options
    - bug fixes and code cleanup

    Changes in GIMP 2.3.6

    - even faster application startup
    - binary relocatibility on Linux by means of binreloc
    - be more verbose when being asked for it
    - select color index when picking from an indexed drawable
    - allow to migrate Windows between displays
    - mouse-wheel scrolling and zooming in plug-in previews
    - added keyboard shortcuts ([ and ]) for changing the brush radius
    - improved Oilify plug-in
    - made the IWarp plug-in preview resizeable
    - added alignment mode for cloning from a fixed location source
    - completed core/ui separation of paint tools and paint methods
    - bug fixes and code cleanup

    Changes in GIMP 2.3.5

    - optionally add jitter to paint strokes
    - implemented Snap to Path
    - added PDB API to access the Image Grid
    - ease access to Keyboard Shortcuts editor
    - optimizations to the Tile Cache and Undo/Redo implementations
    - more work on the Buffer PDB API
    - bug fixes to the new zoomable plug-in previews
    - optimization of the SIOX algorithm
    - menú reorganisation in the Toolbox menu
    - export "Open As Layer" to the PDB as file-load-layer
    - added keyboard control for the Curves tool
    - load and save embedded ICC profiles from/to PNG images
    - improved appearance of some tool icons on dark background
    - added PDB API to get and set path visibility
    - let data editors follow the active brush, palette and gradient (optional)
    - some rearrangements in the new toplevel Colors menu
    - speed up reloading of data files
    - allow to copy the location of data files to the clipboard
    - allow to disable saving of the document history in the preferences
    - slightly faster application startup
    - more use of ngettext for plural forms
    - bug fixes and code cleanup

    Changes in GIMP 2.3.4

    - allow plugins and scripts to register menú entries in the <Brushes>,
    <Gradients>, <Palettes>, <Patterns> and <Fonts> menus
    - replaced Selection to Brush/Pattern scripts with scripts that paste
    a new brush/pattern from the content of the clipboard
    - allow to easily close all opened images
    - added a first versión of a Print plug-in using libgnomeprint
    - improved Sphere Designer plug-in
    - improved Compose plug-in
    - added a zoomable preview widget for plugins
    - implement copy and paste of paths as SVG
    - use new stok icons introduced with GTK+ 2.6
    - allow to zoom in/out using the +/- keys on the numerical keypad
    - make it easier to drop dockables below the toolbox
    - set plug-in dialogs transient to the window they have been called from
    - added PDB function to obtain handles to the image and progress windows
    - export named buffers to the PDB
    - easier access to the popup menú in empty container views
    - use ngettext for plural forms
    - implement "Sample Merged" for the Clone tool
    - various Win32 fixes
    - fixed capitalization for better HIG compliance
    - use a descriptive verb instead of "OK" as button label in most dialogs
    - redone About dialog to be more informative
    - take the default unit from the locale settings
    - moved color-related tools and plugins to a new toplevel Colors menu
    - let the gnomevfs plug-in use GNOME authentication manager if available
    - rewritten Crop tool (worque in progress)
    - added page selector to the Postscript Import plug-in
    - added preview to Checkerboard and Threshold Alpha plugins
    - more PDB procedure and parameter name canonicalization
    - touched up new path tool cursors and added one for the Join operation
    - bug fixes and code cleanup

    Changes in GIMP 2.3.3

    - improved new GimpPageSelector widget
    - minor improvements to the Procedure and Plug-In browsers
    - set alternative button order in some places that were missed earlier
    - added SIOX algorithm for foreground extraction
    - fixed most gcc 4.0 warnings
    - improved Cursor view and Sample Points functionality
    - prepared code and UI for more layer lok types
    - added new PDF import plug-in based on libpoppler
    - undeprecated and improved palette editor, added cursor navigation
    - show more information in the Image Properties dialog
    - added prototype of SIOX foreground selection tool
    - fixed build of MMX code on gcc 4.0
    - moved procedure browser to libgimpwidgets as GimpProcBrowserDialog
    - canonicalize PDB procedure and parameter names
    - use the coefficients from the sRGB spec when calculating luminance
    - allow to remove alpha channel from a layer
    - added more different cursors for the paths tool
    - bug fixes and code cleanup

    Changes in GIMP 2.3.2

    - more standard way of dealing with translation of the startup tips
    - allow to use the selected font in the text tool's text editor
    - some minor UI changes for HIG compliance
    - redid the frameworque that deals with installing desktop files
    - started to reorganize menus, mainly plugins and scripts
    - renamed "Scatter RGB" and "Scatter HSV" to "RGB Noise" and "HSV Noise"
    - allow to clear the document history
    - don't normalize the result in the Laplace plug-in (bug #306874)
    - ported FractalExplorer GUI to GtkTreeView, getting rid of the last
    XPM icons that were being used
    - added an option to Motion Blur to blur outwards
    - added support for the proposed ICC Profiles In X Specification
    - added new widget GimpEnumLabel to libgimpwidgets
    - let the lcms display filter module show information about the used
    color profiles
    - improved drawing of the brush outline
    - fixed build of Python language binding on Win32
    - allow plugins to access the user's color management configuration
    - added new widget GimpPageSelector to libgimpwidgets
    - reenabled the Debug menu
    - load and save ICC color profiles from/to JPEG images
    - bug fixes and code cleanup

    Changes in GIMP 2.3.1

    - allow to copy and paste SVG between GIMP and other applications
    - added a utility for testing and debugging clipboard operations
    - more work on the new vectors PDB API
    - made screen edges active in the image display in fullscreen mode
    - made file and color selection dialogs transient to their parent windows
    - moved browser widget from Procedure Browser plug-in to libgimpwidgets
    - allow more search types in the Procedure Browser
    - reduced size of the Colors dockable by moving the hex entry down
    - added object properties to GimpColorArea and GimpColorButton
    - changed default for RGB->Indexed conversión to not to any dithering
    - allow to paste a new image using Ctrl-V on the toolbox
    - show previews of dash presets in Stroke Options dialog
    - Escape key cancels the window selection in the Screenshot plug-in
    - allow to operate the Brightness Contrast tool by clicking and dragging
    on the canvas
    - improved Sample Points dockable
    - added first draft of new align tool
    - turned image and drawable combo boxes in libgimpui into real widgets
    - further improved Python bindings
    - nicer DND icons for viewables
    - allow to hide the button-bar found at the bottom of most dockables
    - turned font selection in libgimpui into a real widget
    - added support for BMP files with alpha channel (RGBA)
    - bug fixes and code cleanup

    Changes in GIMP 2.3.0

    - added Recompose plug-in
    - added rectangle tool in GFig plug-in
    - improved palette editor color DND
    - improved EXIF handling in JPEG plug-in
    - smoother autoscrolling in image display
    - added Snap to Canvas Border and Snap to Path (yet unimplemented)
    - added previews to Mosaic, Pixelize and Sparkle plugins
    - added Lanczos interpolation method
    - added Open as Image menú entries to brushes and patterns dialogs
    - improved drag-n-drop of drawables within GIMP
    - added a prototype of a new rectangular select tool
    - moved a bunch of enums from core into libgimpbase
    - moved GimpConfig functionality from core into libgimpconfig
    - moved GimpEnumStore and GimpEnumComboBox to libgimpwidgets
    - moved convenience constructors for property views to libgimpwidgets
    - ported ImageMap plug-in to action based menus.
    - first steps towards color management
    - use GOptionContext for command-line parsing
    - added a gnome-vfs backend for the uri plug-in (former url plug-in)
    - prepared code for accessing remote files in the file-chooser
    - let all dialogs obey the gtk-alternative-button-order setting
    - extended GimpProgress PDB API
    - improved file type handling in file save dialog
    - resurrected threaded pixel processor and enable it by default
    - parallelized a few more internal functions
    - speed up gradient dithering
    - improved PSD save plug-in
    - improved Python bindings
    - allow to resize layers with the image
    - allow to control letter spacing in the text tool
    - added path-on-path functionality, use it to implement Text on Path
    - improved gradient editor
    - allow to import paths from a string
    - ported all code to gstdio wrappers
    - added infrastructure for color sample points
    - added first draft of a metadata editor plug-in
    - speed up burn compositing function
    - added Altivec versións of some compositing functions
    - added PDB API to control the number of columns in a palette
    - allow to control hue overlap in Hue-Saturation tool
    - added a PDB API to register menú branches
    - added missing mnemonics
    - improved Screenshot plug-in
    - allow to drag brushes/patterns/gradients... to the selectors in Script-Fu
    - allow to save images by dragging them to a filemanager that supports the
    XDS protocol
    - optimizations in the Color Deficiency display filter
    - transfer the clipboard content to a clipboard manager on exit
    - moved cursor información out of the Info window into a dockable
    - moved remaining bits of the Info Window to a new Image Properties dialog
    - build and install gimp-console by default
    - allow to drag and drop image data into GIMP
    - use the statusbar more to display hints and información about the tool state
    - resurrected --no-data functionality
    - zoom to the cursor position instead of the display center
    - some improvements to the Helpbrowser plug-in
    - load PS brushes in the .abr format
    - allow to choose between different algorithms for Desaturate
    - added thumbnail loader to Winicon plug-in
    - improved configuration of input controllers
    - added an option to make the dok Windows transient to the active image display
    - lots of code cleanup and bug-fixes

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    Re: GIMP 2.4.0 Release Candidate

    Le sigue faltando soporte CMYK nativo, que al parecer es muy importante en el mundo de la imprenta.
    30 años de Star Wars

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    Re: GIMP 2.4.0 Release Candidate

    Cita Iniciado por viriathus Ver mensaje
    Le sigue faltando soporte CMYK nativo, que al parecer es muy importante en el mundo de la imprenta.
    ¿No tendrá copyrightí

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    Jan 2005

    Re: GIMP 2.4.0 Release Candidate

    30 años de Star Wars

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    Re: GIMP 2.4.0 Release Candidate

    E inkscape también soporta CMYK. Y si que es fundamental su soporte para que termine calar entre los profesionales de la impresión (al menos en alguno que yo conozco ...). Creo recordar quehabía un "rama" o parche que soportaba CMYK. Una "pijadilla" que me parece genial de esta RC es que soporta brochas de Photoshop ... y hay un montón por ahí gratuitas la mar de interesantes!!!
    En fin, gracias por la noticia Leander.
    Un saludo.
    Cuiño, cuiiiiño!!!!

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    Jan 2005

    Re: GIMP 2.4.0 Release Candidate

    De todas formas tiene cosas muy interesantes, como:
    - Mejoras en la importación/exportación de PSD
    - Carga pinceles de Photoshop
    - Pinceles reescalables
    - Nueva herramienta de selección
    - Mejoras notables en las previsualizaciones de los filtros y zoom

    La rama 2.2 es de ¡¡ finales de 2005 !! así que se notara
    30 años de Star Wars

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    Re: GIMP 2.4.0 Release Candidate

    Buena noticia, pero lo del CMYK es patético, es un estándar, sin eso Gimp no sirve para hacer un arte final destinado a imprenta; queda como manipulador de imágenes para web y cualquier gráfico, claro, pero sin salir del ordenador

    Obtén enseñanza tradicional en arte y cine. Los ordenadores solo son herramientas. Ellos no pueden tomar decisiones creativas, y solo pueden crear trabajos tan buenos como tus conocimientos y tu experiencia les permita.
    Victor Navone

    Ser "animador" es un regalo que te ganas y un honor que deben adjudicarte los otros.
    Chuck Jones

    La tecnología no hace las películas, la gente las hace. No eres un animador sólo porque puedas mover un objeto del punto A al punto B. Eres alguien quien le da vida a un personaje, que es algo que el software y la tecnología no puede dar.
    John Lasseter

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