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Tema: Nueva version Vray 1 47 02

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    Nueva versión Vray 1.47.02

    Tengo muchas ganas de testearla.Pongo aquí las mejoras, solucionan ya al parece el problema con el pelo de max 7.5

    Build 1.47.02 - 11 May 2005:

    Modified features:

    * VRayProxy objects are now treated as bitmaps so that they can be exported along with the rest of the scene.
    * If the Secondary rays bias is 0.0 in texture baquíng mode, VRay will automatically adjust this to 0.001 to avoid errors.

    Extended features:

    * New parameter Anisotropy added to the DOF parameters. This allows the stretching of the bokeh effect horizontally or vertically.
    * Added a hidden parameter system_vrayLog_ccToDebugger to allow redirecting the VRay log to the 3dsmax log file.
    * Added a hidden parameter system_vrayLog_numThreads for manual control of the number of rendering threads.
    * Added a new parameter Blur GI to the Irradiance map parameters with the purpose of reducing flickering of GI in animations with moving objects.

    Bug fixes:

    * Hair in 3dsmax 7.5 in buffer mode did not render in camera views.
    * Complex materials (Blend, Shellac) and the falloff map with shadow/light mode did not work in path tracing mode.
    * Highlights were not computed in the Progressive path tracing Mode of the Light cache.
    * Zooming and panning in the 3dsmax VFB could crash 3dsmax.
    * Multi/sub materials with some shader types could render with wrong brightness.
    * Interpolated glossy reflections didn't work with Multi/sub material.
    * Crashes with displacement and motion blur when the displacement map used Object XYZ mapping.
    * Crashes during building the irradiance map with Overlapped Look-up mode when Interp. samples not divisible by 4.
    * When the Override mtl button is clicked, the Material Browse dialog is opened twice in 3dsmax7.
    * In trak view, the parameter names for VRayDisplacementMod were wrong.
    * The Hilbert curve generator crashed if the region size is larger than the rendered region.
    * Rare crashes with dynamic geometry (displacement etc) when it needed to be unloaded from memory.
    * Objects with Visible to camera off were visible in the z-buffer.
    * Spots with back-facing UVW triangles in texture baquíng mode.
    * Planar from object XYZ mapping mode did not work with motion blur enabled.
    * The Ward BRDF in the VRayMtl could cause red dots in the scene.
    * Missing UVW coordinates could cause splotches in the scene.
    * The VRayHDRI map with Angular Mapping type could produce invalid colors.
    * Crashes with subdivisión/displacement when they were applied to both moving and static objects in a scene with motion blur on.
    * The texture channel for anisotropy was not working.
    * When Switch to saved map is on, VRay switched to From file Mode even when GI is off.


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    Re: Nueva versión Vray 1.47.02

    Ya han sacado la 1.47.03!
    Qué rápido eh?

    lo único que cambia es:

    Bug fixes:

    * Multi/subobject materials caused increased CPU usage and/or crashes in the Material Editor.

    La ley de Murphy es la ley que rige nuestros destinos...

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    Re: Nueva versión Vray 1.47.02

    yo la estoy testeando y desde que la licencia es por el Vray Server se vive muy inestable.

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    Re: Nueva versión Vray 1.47.02

    Multi/subobject materials caused increased CPU usage and/or crashes in the Material Editor.
    Ya te digo lo estoy sufriendo en carnes..ufff. y si es un material multiobjeto con raytrace no te digo na, te dice..."chato, que me cierro"

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