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Tema: Thea Render v1 1 disponible

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    Lightbulb Thea Render v1.1 disponible

    Thearender edición camaleón, fue en el mes de septiembre pero no vi ninguna noticia por aquí.

    que decir que este renderizador esta tomando un nivel excelente en cada versión

    Tuesday, 27 September 2011 05:53

    Dear friends,

    it has been a while since our last revisión, but we took the summer to enhance Thea Render as much as possible. And now, we are coming out with our next edition v1.1, codename "Chameleon", another great milestone accomplished!

    The new edition has two very important additions. The first is a performance improvement, up to x2, which makes Thea faster than ever (tech announcement here) while the second is the very important integration with Motiva Colimo (tech announcement here) that makes possible to generate "infinite" variations from a single render!

    But it is not only the additions above. There are some cool features in Thea that improve the workflow a lot. Like the History panel, which based on the feedbak so far, it is of those features that once you have used it, you simply cannot go back! Please take a look at our v1.1 Demoreel (watch on youtube, watch on facebook) that shows all the new things in fast forward.

    You can find the download links to our newest Thea v1.1 in our webpage. You can alos download the newest Colimo v1.2 from our webpage and explore the new "repaint" feature. Don't forget to watch our video tutorials, particularly the new ones, showing the changes introduced in v1.1 (watch on youtube, watch on facebook) and the integration with Colimo (watch on youtube, watch on facebook).

    Even more, we have set a special promotional offer for Colimo application, that you can buy now in the special price of 99 euros (nominal price at 139 euros; vat not included and will be applied for EU private customers). This offer is a limited one for a period of 2 weeks (until Monday 10 October) and only available for Thea licensed users or users purchasing Colimo along with Thea Render.

    I hope that you will enjoy the new revisión as much we enjoyed creating it! The warm spirit of the community and the people contributing makes the process both challenge and fun!


    Ioannis Pantazopoulos
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