Ya disponible Thinking Particles 5 update 1!


Muchas novedades incluidas relacionadas con Demolition Master

  • New Feature: Particle Groups have a new chek box: "Do Not Cache", which excludes all particles of this group during cache record. This flag is meant for "helper or control" particles, which are usually not seen in a rendering.
    Clever use of this feature will reduce cache sizes by a magnitude.
  • Demolition Master is a third party tP solution that allows easy, automatic complex destruction effects with thinkingParticles. Built in FumeFX support is alos available with Demolition Master.
  • New Feature: Simulation cache now displays more information while recording. The progress bar shows context, file size, particle count recorded per subsample, time passed and estimation time to finish recording.
  • finalRender's advanced instancing feature displayed errors when used with tP in the form of incorrect material assignments. This issue has been isolated and is now fixed.
  • Unicode issues caused by 3ds Max 2013 when using Demolition Master as well as Combo dropdown lists values showing foreign characters have been detected and addressed.
  • Disable Redraw while caching works more accurately and is more robust.
  • tP volumeBreaker mesh-update in combination with the Intersect operator is now repaired.
  • Large number of particles used in combination with the Intersect node no longer results in memory issues or crashes.
  • BlackBoxes containing a Memory node in 3ds Max 2013 no longer crash on load.
  • The internal function "intersect ray" used by many tP nodes no longer creates a crash in extreme situations.
  • BulletPhysics now better defines and responds to the change from the Kinematic state to the Active state.
  • New Feature: MaxScript calls have been added to control the Export node. New methods are: Export() and Remove()