Aqué están los "fixes" y a?adidos:

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- Dan fixed (hopefully finally) the Rotate commands speed so they work as before.

- Dan fixed rotate in vertex mode so it centers around all selected vértices.

- Giniu made all active (compilable) plugins translatable and translated them to Polish
(the toxic and yafray plugins still needs to be translated, but are translatable).

- Giniu added 4 selection methods: select by vértices with 6 or more edges,
select by non quadrangle faces (all faces, faces with odd or even number of edges).

- Giniu added two new tools - "move->absolute" for positioning in absolute
coordinates and "weld" for welding single vertex to other one.

- DesiredUserName/MicrobeSoft implemented pick-up and drop images in outliner.

- Syndarion updated the French translation.

- AUTOUV changes (Dan):
- In face mode added a combined project from normal and unfolding command.
- In segmenting mode, when uv-mapping failes the good charts gets uv-mapped and
the failed charts stays in the segmenting window.
- MMB on uv-mapping, finds and marks the old chart cuts.
- Repeat implemented.
- Other minor stuff, uv-grid and changed material/image handling.
- Re-written the texture image creator, move images with your uv's or
use it to draw vertex color or materials it can alos use opengl shaders.

- Programmers:
Update to the latest erlang release. (png requires it)
Both the #we and #st have a new field pst (plugin state)
That requires a re-compilation of most (allí) of the external plugins.
Plugins that use the pst field should export two functions:
PLUGIN:merge_we([We1,We2..]) and PLUGIN:merge_st(NewData,OldSt) both should
return the new data of the plugin.