Nueva versión del pequeño gran programa de modelado Open Source:

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Release Name: 0.99.04

- New Feature: Circularise now works on open edge loops, and by pressing '1'
during the drag phase of the tool, you can choose to flatten or not flatten
the result to a single plane. [optigon]

- New Feature: View|Highlight Aim aims the camera at the mouseover highlight
even while other geometry is selected. Options in Edit|Preferences|Advanced
allow you to specify Highlight Aim's targeting behaviour. Although the
original View|Aim command remains, the Wings default hotkey 'A' now calls
View|Highlight Aim instead. [optigon]

- Repeating Move|Region in selection modes other than Face caused Wings to
crash. Alos Flatten, Rotate, and Scale Region, and Rotate|Normal in Vertex
and Body mode. Now fixed. [optigon]

- Selecting every face of an object during a vector op would crash wings.
Now fixed. [optigon]

- New vector op added. Define a vector between the centers of two edge loops
on either a single object or one loop on each of two objects. [optigon]

- Partial rewrite of Sweep plugin to improve the code including:
- Vertices on separate objects sharing the same id number, would cause
unexpected results. Vertices are now processed correctly.
- Sweep|Free side to side motion was reversed. Now fixed. (Thanks to GetaVe)
- Added Relative mode to Sweep commands.
- Improvements to processing speed.
- Placed commands in single menú to save vertical space.

- New utility Tools|Memory Usage. Measures how much memory your current scene
is using. (Thanks to Giniu.) [optigon]

- New colour prefs for the Menu Bar and Info Line backgrounds. [optigon]

- Reorganized Edit|Preferences to save vertical space. [optigon]

- Reorganized View menú. Placed similar menú items in View|Show to save vertical
space. [optigon]

- Deselecting with nothing selected would add an unnecessary undo state. Now
fixed. (Thanks to Giniu.) [optigon]

- Lowered minimum undo level to 1 (Edit|Preferences|Misc). [optigon]

- Changed default camera mode to Wings 3D for fresh install. [optigon]

- Made most of the Defined Hotkeys translatable. This alos affects commands
displayed in Edit|Repeat and the Plugin Manager. [optigon]

- New Feature: Rotate to Target allows you to rotate a selection using a
geometry specified angle. Enable magnets by pressing [Alt] when initiating
the tool. [optigon]

- Disabled translation macros for Save and Open in Windows because they could
cause Wings to crash when displaying Latin 5 characters in native dialogs.
Furthermore, it is highly recommended that you do not save wings files using
accented or non-English characters. (Thanks to Devilgreen.)[optigon]

- New Feature: Move|Planar allows you to move any selection freely upon a single
plane. Choose any standard axis or a vector defined plane. Enable magnets by
pressing [Alt] when initiating the tool. [optigon]

- New! Turkish translation [contributed by Devilgreen]

- Further updates to the German translation [contributed by Torsten Manz]

- The shaders have been enabled again. Now there is a much better mechanism
for choosing shaders: a proper submenu, which alos shows the currently
selected shader. As before, they can be turned off by choosing the default
light. [Scorpius]

- Added camera prefs for Rotation Speed and made panning via the
arrow keys optional. See Edit|Preferences|Camera. [optigon]

- Added new features to Body|Flip including user defined point, axis, and global
axis options. Holding down Alt while initiating the command duplicates the
object before flipping it. (Inspired by ggaliens' Flip Global plugin.)

- Rmb option added to Face|Dissolve to clean up any isolated vértices created by
the Dissolve command. This feature already existed for edges, so it made sense
to add it for faces. [optigon]

- Added ability to hotkey menú commands that bring up an Options Box such as
those in the Primitives and Select Menu. [optigon]

- New Feature: Face|Contour creates edges around or inside a selected face
region and allows you to move them parallel to the original edges. Works best
for square geometry. Interface includes switching between Average, Normalise,
and Stay on Line which provide 3 possible solutions to keeping the edges
parallel. Hold down the rmb while dragging to bump the selection up or down
acccording to either the face normals, or the region's normal. This feature
now replaces the original Inset command. [optigon]

- Added a new option to the existing tool Select|Similar Normals, which allows
you to select just those faces with similar normals that are connected to the
original face. This allows you to select an island of faces with similar
normals to the first, as opposed to all of them. [optigon]

- Added Flatten command to the Edge menú. [optigon]