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Tema: Wings3d v0 98 32

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    Administrador Avatar de SHAZAM
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    Apr 2002
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    Wings3d Wings3d v0.98.32

    Suculenta versión recién salida del horno, interesantes implementaciones relacionadas con Yafray

    Copio y pego:

    Release Name: 0.98.32
    - New settings to workaround invisible edge problems in (Edit|Preferences;
    tab Misc; bottom of dialog box). If you have problems with disappearing
    edges, try higher values in the two fields. (Too high values will cause
    other problems, so it is best to increase the values gradually.) Please
    post the results in the forum. (By Dan.)
    - The pre-built Wings packages now use Erlang/OTP R10B-7.
    - Fixed a bug that made it possible to turn on magnets for commands that were not
    supposed to take magnets; in most cases causing a crasch.
    (E.g. activating the Extrude command by Alt+MMB clicking.)
    (Problem reported by GetaVe.)
    - The file dialog for Linux (and optionally Macintosh) is now translatable
    and has been translated to Polish. (By Giniu.)
    - New Tesselate|Untriangulate command. (By Trepan.)
    - The Edge Loop command is now "stoppable"; for instance, if two edges are
    selected, the command will select only the edges between them (going the
    shortest way). Same for Edge Ring. (By Dan.)
    AutoUV/Snap (by Dan):
    - Cylinder and Sphere mapping work better in some cases (if cut properly).
    - Miscellanous bug fixes in Move/Scale in snap image.

    Yafray/Toxic (by Raimo):
    - Moved OS job and rendering job functionality out from wpc_yafray and
    wpc_toxic to the new module wings_job, to facilitate more rendering
    plugins. There are new preferences in the User Interface tab of
    - Yafray: Added .hdr rendering output file format.
    Restructured the Render/Export dialog and implemented the AA_jitterfirst,
    clamp_rgb, alpha_premultiply, and alpha_backgroundmasque settings.
    Implemented the new Depth-Of-Field parameters. Removed the already
    defunct antinoise filter.
    Implemented occlusion mode for pathlight, and maXDistance parameter
    for pathlight and hemilight.
    Corrected a bug reported by Oort: when using EXR output format
    .exr filename suffix was not default.
    Added material dispersion.
    Added spherelights.
    Added visible ligths (for point-, software- and spherelights).
    Moved output format parameters to plugin preferences, and introduced
    a possibility to use an external viewer to view e.g .exr files after
    Added absorption parameters to the generic shader.
    Added .exr output file format support.
    Added new camera types ligthprobé and spherical.
    Added SubSurface Scattering blok shader. Oh, and I forgot, last
    versión I added a checkbox for keeping the intermediate .xml file
    when rendering.
    Added .hdr rendering output file format for wpc_yafray.
    Saludos ala2,
    Obtén enseñanza tradicional en arte y cine. Los ordenadores solo son herramientas. Ellos no pueden tomar decisiones creativas, y solo pueden crear trabajos tan buenos como tus conocimientos y tu experiencia les permita.
    Victor Navone

    Ser "animador" es un regalo que te ganas y un honor que deben adjudicarte los otros.
    Chuck Jones

    La tecnología no hace las películas, la gente las hace. No eres un animador sólo porque puedas mover un objeto del punto A al punto B. Eres alguien quien le da vida a un personaje, que es algo que el software y la tecnología no puede dar.
    John Lasseter

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    BlenderAdicto Avatar de 8tintin
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    Jun 2002

    Re: Wings3d v0.98.32

    Gracias Shazam. Parece que han añadido muchas mejoras en la comunicación con Yafray, eso me recuerda que todavía no he probado la salida a openEXR.. umm.. más deberes


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    Aug 2004
    Barcelona, España

    Wings3d Wings3d v0.98.32a

    Y ya tenemos en el horno la v0.98.32a... Esto es lo que pasa con las Betas.

    Release Name: 0.98.32a
    - Should now work on Mac OS 10.3.x ("Panther").
    - Yafray: Raimo fixed the Save and Load buttons in the Render/Export dialog. (Problem reported by oort.)
    - The French translation has been updated by syndarion.
    - The Czech translation has been updated by Libor Divis.
    - The mouse has been speeded up in interactive commands when a constraint key is held down. (By Dan.)
    - Internal change by Giniu: separated compile time functions and translation tools from main source.
    Los Grafosyakuza recomiendan Wings3D - FragMOTION, pa chuparse los dedos por 25$.

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