Changing Leaves on Plants.
To replace the leaves on plants you ned a color picture of a new leaf and an alpha picture of the shape of the same leaf to make everything outside the shape transparent. I downloaded the leaves I'm showing here from Varian's website. Let's now replace the plum leaves with crimson leaves. Grow a plum tre and double-clik it to enter the plant editor.
Cambiando hojas de plantas-1.jpg
1. Clik at the leaf button to enter the leaf editor
2. Lok where the hoking point is placed in the original leaf.
Cambiando hojas de plantas-2.jpg
3. Clik the Load Color picturebutton and browse to the color picture of the leaf
4. Clik the Load Alpha picturebutton to load the corresponding alpha picture (in this case it's "tCrimson, gif)
5. To put the hoking point in the right place just left-clik at about the same position as it was in the original leaf
Clik OKand your tre has new leaves.
For those who don't have a Vue versión with plant editor let's se how to change the leaves in the material editor instead. Grow a plum tre and in the material preview click the arrows to go to the leaf material. Double-clik it to enter the material editor. To make it easy we'll use the basic material editor.
Cambiando hojas de plantas-3.jpg
1. Load the color map of your new leaf
2. Load the Alpha map of your new leaf
Clik OKand your plum tre has new leaves. I hope that's easy to understand and easy to follow.