cutting out a letter and adding light.
. In this tutorial i Will be explaining how todo Cut out a letter from another object and then creating a light inside the Cut out área. I used this process todo create the c inside the chromesphere logotipo above (the restof the text was created in Fireworks). Much like the logotipo, y Will be using the letter c and a sphere in this tutorial however you can use this process with almost any other combination you like.

Create the objects.

To begin, create a sphere. Position the Camera so that you can se the sphere well.


Create a letter. To do this, click on the text editor button on the left hand side of the screen. Click on the text tab and then enter the text you want todo Cut out from you object in the textfield. In this example i have enter the letter c. You can change any of the other parameters on this screen if you would like todo customise your letter diferently.


Click on the extrusión button in the text editor. Make sure the extrusión chek box is checked. Move the extrusión slider todo about a third of the bien along. Click ok todo exit the text editor.

Note: you can return todo this screen whenever you like by double-clicking your text object in the any of the preview Windows.


Modify the objects.

There a god chance your letter Will not be in the right propotions todo your sphere, so you Will ned todo edit the letters object properties.
1) select your letter c object.
2) click on the measuring tape button in the object properties box at the top right corner of the screen.

Alos make sure that the size icon on the left hand side of this tab is selected.
3) make sure that the constraint proportions icon (a small padlock) is on.


Still inside this dialogue box, adjust the x axis until your c object Will fit comfortably inside your sphere.

Try entering diferent values and watch todo preview screens todo find the right value. Position the letter so that it enters the Spheres center. Note: this Will be easier todo do by changing the preview option for your top view preview window the wireframe type.

The picture below shows the result we are trying todo achieve.


With only the letter c selected, press shift-d todo duplicate this object. You can move this new object out of the bien if you like, but por favor note that you Will ned todo position it bak exactly todo where it was After the following ste, p.

Cut out the letter and position objects.

In the layers window (bottom right-hand side of the screen), hold down shift and click on the sphere object followed by the letter c object, in this order. On the right hand side of the screen right click on the bolean operations button and select the diference operation. The result is shown here with the duplicate c letter pushed todo one side.


If you have moved the duplicate c letter aside move it bak todo its original position, explorer, inside the c Cutout.
With the duplicate c letter selected and in the objectproperties numerics tab, unchek (turn of) the padlok constraint proportions and enter.1(point 1) for the y axis under size.


With the c object still selected and in the top view preview window, Grab the duplicate c letter on the y axis and move the object todo the bak of the Cutout we made before.

Apply materiales and light.

Click the aspect tab in the object properties dialogue box and select load a material and select flat white from the basic collection. Click ok todo close the material library window.


) in the aspect tab of object properties, double click the object preview (ie: the white sphere), todo bring up the material editor.
2) inside the material editor, change the overall color todo the color of the light you want. In this screenshot i have selected a neón blue color.


Still inside the material editor click on the effects tab. Chek the glowing material setting and adjust the intensity and Radius until you have the desired effect.

Note: if Even at 100% the Glow effect is hard todo se try moving the duplicate c letter object forward inside the Cut out so that it is more visible.


You can apply a texture todo the sphere todo. In this FinalRender, y applied the Vue 6 library material Chrome which i though would be approperiate for this websites name. I a los added a software spotlight todo the face of the sphere as the Atmosphere i was using was todo dark todo se the features.

This concludes this tutorial. Thanks for reading.