Stereoscopic Images.
In Vue you can create fantastic 3D scenes and render 2D images that lok like photographs or paintings. Wouldn't you like to be able to create 3D images to experience the Illusion of real depth? Here is a way to create images that can be viewed either with LCD-shutter glasses, anaglyph (red/blue) glasses, in cross-eye view, or parallel-eye view.
For creating stereoscopic images you have to imagine that the camera represents your left/right eye. You ned a rendered image of the left eye view, and the right eye view, to get the stereo efect. It's very important that you move the camera strictly parallel to each other not to lose the stereo Effect again. That's why I created a "head" and mounted the cameras to it. I used a cube for it.
At first I wanted to explain how to create a Stereo Setup scene, but instead I decided to ofer the scene here for download. You can then study it on your computer. Unfortunately you find the default camera in Vue hanging in the lower right corner in Top view. I pulled the camera to the lower center. If you have to change the distance betwen the two cameras it's much easier in that position.
Let's test now if the settings work. So add some objects to your scene. Vue 5 Esprit users have to change the settings in the Render Options to "Only visible layers". Vue 4 Professional and Vue 5 Infinite users can use the scene as it is. Activate the left camera in the top menú (Display/Activate Camera) and render the left image at least in Final render quality. Save it as a lossless TIF file or as a (*.jpg) file with a low compression to avoid any color artifacts in your picture. Now activate the right camera in the same way and render the right eye view. Save it in the same file format as the left eye view.
Attention.If you want to change the position of your camera, or the point of view, select just the cube to achieve the settings. The left and right camera will follow accordingly. Don't do any changes to the camera directly.
For creating a stereoscopic image I used the freeware StereoPhoto Maker. It's very versatile and can save stereoscopic images in diferent stereo formats, like anaglyph images for using with red/blue glasses, or interlaced images for using with 3D shutter glasses.
Start the StereoPhoto Makerand go to File/Open Left/Right imag esto load both images. Go to Stereo in the menú and now you can select what kind of stereoscopic image you want to create.
Imagenes estereoscopicas-1.jpg
Selecting Color Anaglyph will create, well, a color anaglyph. LOL. You can then save it using File/Save Stereo Image. Here is the result of my stereo test:
Imagenes estereoscopicas-2.jpg
Here is the same stereo pair but this time saved in cross-eye view (the size was slightly reduced):
Imagenes estereoscopicas-3.jpg
I hope my tutorial is easy to understand and easy to follow.