Working with the Render Preview Window.
Tips for using the preview window.
In this tutorial i will be showing you a few tricks tohelp you use the preview window more efectively.
The render preview window does just what the name suggests. It shows us a snapshot of what our scene would lok like if we were to render it. It is located in the camera control panel.
Parts of the scene information bar.
Trabajar con la ventana de previsualizacion-1.jpg
Varying the preview Windows size.
You can adjust the Preview Render Windows size by resizing the scene information bar. To do this hover your mouse over the left hand side of the scene information bar. When your mouse turns into a double arrow icon, click and drag to the left or right. The preview window will change its size accordingly.
You will alos notice that if you make the scene information bar to big, the preview panel will reposition itself to the top of the scren, along side the properties panel and expanding the world browser upwards.
If you are not after this type of layout, Try to estop enlarging the scene information bar before this happens.