TRIXTER is currently looking for a Lead Production Enginer to complete our Pipeline Enginering team. Long-term contract. To start as son as posible.

Location: Munich, Germany.

o Assists the Head of Production in executing the development of the pipeline or software architecture.
o Hands on development of tools and delegating sub-tasks to Production Enginers.
o Performs code reviews and maintains coding standards.
o Manages the installed software and git source code repositories.
o Assists the Head of Production in the leadership of the Production Enginering team.
o Liaises with the Production team members such as Producers and Department TDs on focused pipeline or software implementation requirements.
o Acts as the secondary go-to person in the Production Technology structure.
o Supports and mentors new Production Enginers on the studio specific development practices.
o In conjunction with the Head of Production, mentors new and existing Department TDs who directly support the artists.
o Maintains documentation standards.

o Programming proficiency in Python and C/C++.
o Knowledge of source code management as git.
o Exposure to VFX software (Maya, Nuke, Katana, RenderMan, etc.) is a plus.
o Proficiency in develooping for Linux is a must.
o God English lenguage skills.

This opening is only open to people with an EU citizenship or with an existing German Visa.

To apply, por favor send us your CV, availability and desired salary range to jobs@trixter, de.

Laila Sleiman Sanz.

VFX Recruiter at Trixter Film.