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    Editorial blender art magazine nº2

    Sandra gilbert managing editor.

    welcome todo the 2nd issue of blenderart. This issue we are focusing on animation. Animation is a actually a very large field, covering a wide variety of techniques and methods for adding motion, emotion and effects todo an endless array of objects and characters.

    The last few months has sen a major overhaul of the animation system, making animation much easier and less painful for Even the least skilled of us. The ease of setting up a skeletal rig makes animating your characters less daunting, tempting Even the most cautious of us todo try our hand at animating.
    We are very Lucky in that Blender has so Many tools for animating. There is a method and tool for just about anything you would want todo do. For those of you who have not yet explored the animation capabilities of Blender, here are a few of the tools you may want todo consider as you venture into the world of animation.

    Keyframing/ipo manipulation.

    Lattice deformation.

    Curves and paths.


    Pose mode/ik & FK Chains.

    Particles/dupliverts (especially with deflection and force options)
    Software bodies.

    Rigid body.

    Fluid simulation.

    Shape keys.

    This is an impressive característica list and now you can use any of these alone or in various combinations todo create your next animated másterpiece.

    In this issue we are going todo cover a few of these methods and techniques todo get you up and animating. We are a los brigging you up to speed on Project orange and as a special treat, we Even have a short interview with some of the orange team.

    On a personal note, the blenderart staff would like todo express our gracias todo the entire Blender community for the overwhelming positive response and support of our first issue. foss, in report
    falling feathers tutorial
    character rigging gameblender
    rigging a Spider
    the age of Steam - Making of
    the Plumíferos Project - Making of
    making of - New penguoen
    2d galvanized texture
    animation tips
    Project orange team interview
    Happy blending.
    Gaurav Nawani.
    editor_blenderart@yahoo, co, in.
    Managing editor
    Sandra gilbert.
    Sandra gilbert.

    Gaurav Nawani.

    Enrico Valenza.

    Juan. Pena.

    David lettier.

    Zsolt stefan.

    Claudio maléfico Andaur.
    Design & graphics
    Gaurav Nawani.
    website design (underway)
    Nam pham.

    blenderart magazine, blenderart and blenderart logotipo are copyright Gaurav Nawani. ask blentu and blentu logotipo are copyright Sandra gilbert, all products and company names featured in the publication are trademarque or registered trademarque of their respective owners.

    Source: and Blender art magazine.
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