. Welcome todo our 1st anniversary issue. Yes, thats right, we actually made it a whole year. When Gaurav and i started this magazine, we had no idea how much we would end up neding todo learn. But learn we did, as well as adding staff members todo help out with profing and website maintenance.

It has ben an eventful year for both blenderart magazine as well as the Blender community itself. We have sen the creation and reléase of Elephants dream, the addition of Many neded and just plain wanted features in Blender. The Blender community continúes todo grow at a phenomenal rate. Blenderart magazine Reader numbers have continued todo grow as well. With each new issue, we gain a larger audience. And we appreciate all of you.
We have had an amazing response from the community in terms of contributions todo the magazine. While Gaurav and i could have still put out a magazine without all their help, it would not have ben anywhere near as interesting. Id like todo recognize all of our contributors at this point, they deserve a round of applause for their eforts on all our behalves. Here they are, in no particular order, and i sure hope i didnt forget anyone, if i did i apologize in advance.
Enrico Valenza.

Juan. Pena.

David lettier.

Zsolt stefan.

Claudio maléfico Andaur.

Stefano selleri.

Clas Eicke Kuhnen.

Daniel labarge.

Cristopher kulla.

Kernon dillon.

Christian guckelsberger.

Manuel Pérez.

Claudio Andaur.

José Mauricio.

Rodas r.

Rogério perdiz.

Manuel bastioni.

Alessandro proglio.

Antonio di cecca.

Giovanni lanza.

Martin mackinlay.

Ed cicka.

Cory king.

Early ehlinger.

Mariano hidalgo.

Edouard de mahíeu.

Sergey prokhorchuk.


Andreia leal schemid & zag.

Diego restrepo parís.

Ok, now on todo what you really want todo know about - Whats in this issue. Materials, Lots and Lots of material información. Admit it, you want it and you ned it. You put enormous efort into your models and you know, as well as i do, that you just have todo add materiales at some point. With the addition of nodes, or more commonly called nodles, whole new effects and materiales are posible. First, well answer a simple cuestión - what are materialsí then, we have several node tutoriales, as well as a look at Vector blur and Ramp Shading. We a los take a look at some current educational resources available for Blender users.

So here we go, lets get our Blender world all colored up.

Happy blending.