Go todo almost any CG site on the web and you Will find them. Cars, hundreds of CG Cars can be found in every shape, size and color. Little Cars, big Cars, fancy Cars, sports Cars, ton Cars, radical designs and Even economical Cars, they are everywhere. Cars have long ben a popular subject for modelers. They take great skill and look amazing when done right. You could spend hours tweak everything from Chrome details todo the treads on the tires. And a great Many modelers do exactly that.

Many modelers not only model from blueprints or reference photos, but actually design their own Cars. Its CG, they can add or deleete any part they choose. Colors can be changed at Will. Diferent settings can be created todo showcase their new design. And with the advances in rendering engines, all todo often the resulting images can be/are mistaken for actual photos of real Cars. Many car manufacturers take advantage of this and provide us with excellent advertisements todo.
Wouldnt it be great if you could actually build your concept car? But that is just wishful Thinking, or is ití Marín myftiu shows how he built a Prototype of a concept design car using Blender in combination with other techniques.

Alos in this issue we cover tires, rims and a Low poly car in a simple driving game. Gaurav is going todo take us th rouge some approaches in modeling a car body vía Nissan 350 Z model. And as an added treat Claas Kuhnen shows us how todo create his amazing brushed metal textures, useful for car interiors as well as for jewelry and a host of other metal neds.

So rev up your Blender engine and lets get this party started.

Happy blendering.

Sandra gilbert Sandra@blenderart.org